• Stephen Hill

Impending AI Regulation

Financial regulators have now issued a formal request to all substantive banks in the United States for information on how they use artificial intelligence (AI). It is certain that this will be followed by regulation on the use of AI in the medium term. It is equally certain that similar regulation will occur in most other jurisdictions, as well as all other industries.

  • Are you ready for this?

  • Is your Board sufficiently aware of the use of AI within your business?

  • Do you have a Board member with specific knowledge and experience?

If not, you may wish to engage Ethical AI Ltd to provide advice and a set of recommendations. These are likely to come in four parts:

a) An evaluation of whether your Board needs an additional member with specific AI and governance expertise;

b) Production of an overall strategy for best practice, especially in relation to data privacy and system transparency, ensuring alignment with your business strategy;

c) A management evaluation and training program that specifically seeks to identify and correct morally unacceptable behaviour;

d) Regulations likely to apply to your unique business.

Prepare by initiating a study that will lead to ethical, self-regulated practices.

Contact: Ethical AI Ltd by calling +44 1483 906166

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