Ethical AI Ltd was formed in 2009 to provide board-level governance expertise on technology, its deployment and future trends.  We particularly focus on trends in artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and ESG reporting, with a special emphasis on standards and regulatory compliance. 


We launched our first software product in 2012, and launched our first AI software product in 2019. We operate internationally, especially in the USA and Europe (including the UK), advising enterprises and technology companies on profitable, sustainable development of software products and applications. These are typically provided as a cloud-based service for applications in AI, cybersecurity management, automating IT operations management (AIOps), and intelligent recruitment. We also represent a range of software products.


We are privately held, with operations in Europe, India and the USA.

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Stephen Hill
Founder and Chairman


 Products represented include:


 AIchoo Machine learning 


 IT asset management

Proactive Cybersecurity management


 24/7 Security Operations Centre


CLIENTS are exclusively leading technology companies and major enterprises, principally in the UK and the USA. Clients include or have included:

  • A UK-based Big Data company with a world-wide presence

  • A US-based Network Management vendor

  • A US-based provider of  IT asset management software

  • A major, international online retailer

  • A UK-based provider of sustainability planning software.