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Do you lie awake at night wondering whether your business is secure?

  • Is your data always and everywhere secure?

  • Are your office premises fully secure overnight?

  • Is your data center (or centres) physically secure?

  • Are your cybersecurity procedures foolproof?

  • And how well do your staff follow procedure?


How do you monitor the integrity and reliability of your key technical staff?


Do you experience problems holding on to key technical staff?

Do your outsource suppliers fully understand your security and privacy concerns?

Do you have 24/7 support in place for all your critical, cloud-based systems?

These are problems we solve for our customers every single day.



We have installed specialized network monitoring tools, the latest access control technologies, and ensured our customers are fully compliant with all the latest government guidance on system security. Last year we realized that many of these systems fail to deliver their promised benefits, owing to the soft factors - human beings - using and surrounding them.


Using AI, we have now developed a means of augmenting psychological evaluations, systems training, etc. And we have launched a 24/7 service that monitors - onsite and offsite - all your key premises. Thus, we are now able to offer a complete security service to our clients.




Ethical AI Ltd was formed in 2009 to improve enterprises' ability to recruit and retain the best technical people, to increase board-level awareness of technology trends, ​and to use the latest, most reliable technologies to develop and deploy complex IT systems worldwide. We operate internationally, especially in the USA, UK and European Union countries. 


The company is privately held with subsidiary operations or business partners in the USA, UK, Europe, India, and South America.            

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