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Assessing the risks and benefits of using AI?

  • Projects not proceeding as planned?

  • Costs spiralling or beyond budget?

  • Concerned about data security?

  • Questions about ethics or public perception?


Is your business always and everywhere secure?

  • Offices secure 24/7?

  • Data centre (or centres) physically secure?

  • Cybersecurity procedures foolproof?

  • Staff follow security procedures?


Concerned over integrity or reliability of key staff?

  • Recruiting and vetting methods sound?

  • Tension between employees and contractors?

  • Problems with 24/7 support?

We provide solutions to these problems every day



We have:


Helped clients put in place market-leading controls over their use of AI.

  • Controls which are measurable, enforceable, demonstrably ethical, and reinforced with regular education and training.

Installed specialized, AI-based network monitoring tools, and the latest access control technologies 

  • Ensuring our customers are fully compliant with all the latest government guidance on security. 


Used AI to augment and improve personnel interviews, psychological evaluations, etc. 

  • Gaining insight by analysing resumés, other direct communications, and individuals' social media presence. 



Ethical AI Ltd was formed in 2009 to improve enterprises' ability to recruit and retain the best technical people, to increase board-level awareness of technology trends, ​and to use the latest, most reliable technologies to develop and deploy complex IT systems worldwide. We operate internationally, especially in the USA, UK and European Union countries. 


The company is privately held with subsidiary operations or business partners in the USA, UK, Europe, India, and South America.            

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